De Montfort University visited STBC
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On the morning of April 29th, Qiaofang, project manager of DMU China Office, visited our school to discuss educational cooperation and exchanges. Vice President Zhang Zhonghua received the guests and held talks in the VIP room of Houde Building. Li Gaokui, Dean of the School of Accounting, Zhang Sui, Dean of the School of Business, Xie Huifeng, Vice Dean of the School of Art and Design, and Ji Can, Assistant Dean of the School of Communication, Gao Ziyan, Head of the Foreign Affairs Office Participated in the project cooperation exchange meeting.



Vice President Zhang Zhonghua received the guests and held talks


Vice-President Zhang Zhonghua welcomed the representatives of De Montfort University in the UK and introduced the current international exchanges and cooperation of the University to the guests. She expressed importance to the internationalization work, hope that the two sides can pass the student exchange and other projects to conduct exchanges and cooperation. The representative of the University of De Montfort in the United Kingdom introduced the characteristics of the school, the scholarship system, etc., and invited the leaders of our school to visit the UK.


                                                                            Project cooperation exchange meeting



The two sides held a project cooperation exchange meeting,Further discussed the mutual recognition of credits in accounting, marketing, business administration, human resources, visual communication, advertising and other majors, as well as the 3+1 double degree/3+1 master-study project model, basically reached Intention to cooperation, follow-up will open the above professional talent training program and course docking work.

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