Presided over 4 provincial or state-level projects, including 2017 the 13th Five-Year national education science plan of MOE and the 11th Five-Year planning project of China Education Association; Published two teaching books: Foundation of Management Science and Career Planning and Employment Guidance for College Students, and won the Provincial Scientific Research Award Second Prize and Participant Prize; published more than 10 papers; awarded with three honors at provincial level for his education achievements.  


Major Honors:

High Private High Education Entrepreneurship Award by National Association of Non-Government Education

Leading Figure in Vocational Education by MOE and National Development and Reform Commission

Leading Figure in Education System rewarded by Shanxi Provincial Department of Human Resources and Department of Education

Huang Yanpei Distinguished President Award

Remarkable Private Education Operator recognized by Shanxi Province Association of Non-Government Education

May 1st Labor Medal of Shanxi Province

Role Model in Science & Technology Communication of Shanxi Province

2014 Shanxi Brand Figure ·Cultural Communication Award

Most-Loved College President by Students




Zhu Tianyan (born in September, 1962), CPC member, currently General Secretary of SXTBC Communist Party Committee

Worked as the editor of Shanxi Dianjiao of Shanxi Educational Technology Center, Education Penetration Department Chief Officer of Shanxi Provincial Education Commission, Deputy Director of Shanxi Sports Committee, Science and Education Division Head of Shanxi Provincial Sports Bureau, President of Shanxi Sports Vocational School from 2007 to 2017

Also served as Director of China Sport Science Society, Director of China Sport Journalist Association, Vice Chairman of Shanxi Sports Association, Chairman of Shanxi Sports and Dance Society, and honorary chairman of Shanxi Electronic Sports Association Presided over 3 national and provincial scientific research projects.


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