Arts and Design School

The Art and Design School was established in 2011formerly known as the Culture Communication School under Art Design Department. After a decade of exploration and development, the teaching conditions and teaching ability have been continuously improved. Subjects have been gradually developed, and the strength of teachers has been continuously enhanced. This is a faculty with a relatively complete schooling specialty, bright development potential, and professional construction.

The school insists on "service as its purpose and employment as its guide", focus on students practical and innovation ability, adhere to the integration of science and humanities, and implement both theoretical and practical training requirements. Constantly optimize the training program, deepen teaching reform, and strive to cultivate students’ innovative spirit and innovative ability, and strengthen practical teaching. Promote practical teaching mode and content innovation, and focus on cultivating students’ ability to analyze problem-solving and practical hands-on practice by implementing discipline competitions, research training programs, innovative experimental plans, professional internships, social practices, and skills training.

The Arts and Design school has majors in Advertising Design and Production, Computer design and Production, Animation Design and Production, Art Design, Digital Media Arts and so on. There are 706 students, 45 full-time teachers including 60% postgraduates and some external experts and business technical backbones as part-time teachers. Over the years, there are more than 70 students participated in international and national professional competitions and obtained more than 20 awards and honors.

In recent years, the teaching conditions of the Art Designing School have been continuously improved, and a wide range of professional basic experimental training rooms have been established, including Photography Studio, Nonlinear Editing Lab, and Multimedia Art Design Studio. The "Maya" laboratory guarantees the successful completion of practical teaching and lays a good foundation for students’ practical ability.

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