Information Engineering School

There are nearly 70 professional teachers in the Information Engineering School, of which more than 36% have associate or higher titles, 86% have master’s degree or above, and are responsible for professional basic courses, professional courses, and computer basic courses of the school, as well as the teaching of four basic mathematics courses Calculus, Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics.

The school aims at cultivating high-quality applied and innovative professional talents. It has in-depth cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises inside and outside the province. Through the integration of school-enterprise cooperation with production and education, the school has built a Siruan Technology Factory, Youyike recreation space, and other on-campus training bases. The training base will use the actual scene as a training project. Senior experts from the company and dual-qualified teachers and engineers from both inside and outside school will jointly to teach, so that the cultivated students’ employment will achieve zero integration between the school and society. The college employment rate has been at the top of the school for many years.

The college has built an excellent professional education environment that meets national standards in all aspects including subject construction, professional construction, personnel training, teacher team construction, and student management, effectively improving students’ comprehensive application quality and employability.

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