Tourism and Hotel Management School


The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is one of the key faculty in SXTBU. It offers both undergraduate and diploma courses. For the bachelor degree, it has the major of Tourism Management, Tourism Management (Major in Hotel Manager), food quality and safetyHealth Service and Management. For diploma, it has three majors as Hospitality Management, Cooking Process and Nutrition, Cooking Process and Nutrition (Kitchen management direction). At present, there are 606 students, 42 teaching staff, including 14 Administrative and teaching staff and 28 substitute and part-time teachers (there are 11 teachers with associate-senior or above title, 6 lecturers, and 23 teachers with master’s degree).                      


The goal of cultivation is clear and close to the social demand for talents quality and students future development requirements, it also has typical professional features. For the level of undergraduate, it aims at cultivating students to have high learning ability, practical ability and the ability of entrepreneurship. For the diploma level, it aims at training students to have the strong practice ability and innovation ability. The professional teaching consists of theory course teaching system and practice teaching system, covering the classroom learning and Extracurricular learning, all of these straining together can make the students master the fundamental knowledge of tourism and hotel management, therefore they can have a solid foundation for them to engaged in the professional operation and management and at the same time, has strong long-term development potential.


The school has stable practice teaching base and hotel management training center (international academic exchange center, constructed according to the standard of star hotel), which has provided the school training and practice teaching conditions for the students. Besides, there are nutritional biochemistry laboratories, tourist comprehensive training rooms, guiding scenario simulation training room, tea art training room, kitchen administration management training center, etc. School has established rich and colorful professional training courses, attached great importance to the construction of teaching base, established the university-enterprise cooperation with many units such as Jin memorial temple guesthouse, Million lions (Metro Park) hotel, Shanxi Lihua international hotel, Shanxi LongCheng hotel and so on, aimed at building strategic partnerships, carried out the talent oriented training and teaching activities, cultivate students’ ability to perform professional practice work.


Adhering to "everything for the growth of students, everything for the development of the college”, the management concept of our school is to carry out the spirit of the “Sanniu”, attaching importance to care for students, care for the professional construction and discipline development, combing the theoretical teaching and practical teaching, focus on improving student’s professional quality, enhance student’s practical ability, training student’s innovation spirit, improve the student’s employment prospects, In all, our college is a vibrant team, will make a great contribution to the regional economic development.


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