Accounting School


Accounting School is the largest faculty in Shanxi Technology and Business college, containing two undergraduate majors in accounting and auditing, subject to business management discipline. In July 2017, it was approved as the Shanxi Province’s "1331" project’s advantageous characteristics by Shanxi Province. There are currently 3251 students in the school and 59 classes.


The Accounting school adheres SXTBU spirit, to serve the economic development of the region. Adhere to education to serve socialist modernization, serve the people, regard the moral education as the fundamental task of education, and cultivate applied moral accounting personnel who believe in ethics, credibility, and rigorousness.


Under progressive and upright leadership team, the School of Accounting has built a team of ideological leaders, rigorous teaching, and strong scientific research strength. It has an innovative development of faculty, counselors, and student management teams. The teaching staff has a reasonable structure and rich teaching experience. It has 41.43% of associate professors and more than 50% of dual-qualified teachers.


There is a professor workstation and a corporate celebrity teacher workstation. The tutor team and student management work team have a neat lineup, have a high level of political theory and business skills, high quality, strong sense of responsibility, and standardized management, forming a distinctive class culture construction and accounting college civilization, unity, integrity, innovation education culture.


The School of Accounting has the courage to explore new ways for school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate professional practice and social practice abilities. There is a high-fidelity accounting practice center, Shanxi Huiyou Accounting Services Co., Ltd., and 10 professional experimental training rooms. More than 10 school-enterprise cooperation units have been set up in Shanxi, Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, and 23 practice bases have been established for students. Regularly organized innovative entrepreneurial activities and second classroom practice activities, organized aerobics and professional activities and participated in provincial and national competitions in English, mathematics, accounting knowledge, professional skills, etc. A large number of qualified personnel are moving toward higher goals.


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