Finance School


The School of Finance was established in March 2012 and currently has two undergraduate majors in financial management and financial engineering. Among them, the Financial Management major was approved as the undergraduate 2C major by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education in 2012, and the Financial Engineering major was approved as the undergraduate 2B major by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Education in 2013.


In July 2017, the Department of Education of Shanxi Province and the Department of Finance jointly issued a document to prove the discipline of Business Administration as an advantageous characteristic subject in the provincial “1331 Project” key discipline construction plan of Shanxi Technology and Business College.


The finance school currently has 2,878 students and 89 teachers, including 27 High Professional Title teachers, 43 intermediate-level teachers, 13 double-qualified teachers, and 17 full-time and part-time counselors. The college has three teaching offices for financial management, financial engineering, and counselors, one financial research institute, and a counselor working research room. There are 8 professional experiments (training) rooms, including a financial comprehensive laboratory, an ERP comprehensive training room, and an accounting manual simulation training room.


The school’s teaching management is rigorous, and the party group studies are rich and colorful. It focuses on the application-oriented teaching model reform and the cultivation of applied talents. The integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation have yielded fruitful results. A well-developed applied talents training system has been formed. The college actively encourages and promotes students to participate in various types of science and technology competitions. Students have won a lot of prizes in various types of competitions at and above the provincial level.


Most of the graduates from the Finance School work in the banking industry, such as financial securities, insurance, trusts and other financial sectors in the province. They have made great contributions to their respective jobs, while achieving personal career, it also made the school’s reputation spread across the land of Sanjin.


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